Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Legislative Efforts

Update 2.14.18Lien law reform bill is pending in the Idaho House.  If passed, the bill would allow operators to charge a reasonable late fees (the bill deems monthly late fees of $20.00 or 20% of the rent, whichever is greater, to be reasonable), to communicate lien and other notices to tenants via email if agreed to by the tenant, to conduct auctions online or at any physical location chosen by the operator, and to tow vehicles upon ten days’ notice to the tenant if the tenant has been in default for 45 days.  The bill would also create a presumption that a value limitation placed in the rental agreement is the maximum value of the property stored by the tenant and reduce from 60 days after default to 45 days after default the time when the operator may begin the lien process.


The Idaho Self Storage Association, together with the national Self Storage Association, has been collaborating on how best to update Idaho’s lien laws.